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Power On Connections provide High Voltage (HV) connections to high rise residential or industrial new-build developments. If your home requires a single electricity connection this is not a service we provide and would suggest you contact your current network operator. which can also be found on your energy bill.

Power On Connections specialise in electricity connections and provide fibre-to-the-premises on high rise residential developments.  As part of our group capabilities we are also able to offer other utility connections (gas, water & wastewater, district energy) and will pass your details on to the appropriate part of our business.

No. We have extremely good working relationships with all DNO's.  All DNO's in the UK embrace competition in connections and are regulated by Ofgem to ensure compliance. 

You may choose to secure an alternative quotation from the DNO to compare our offer, however, no interaction with the DNO is required when utilising our services. 

No. All energy suppliers are signed onto our network, offering consumers complete freedom of choice. 

An IDNO is an Independent Distribution Network Operator who holds an Ofgem licence to enable them to own, operate and maintain the infrastructure for the life of the network. 

Upon receipt of all relevant information, we are able to submit our offer within six weeks. 

Yes. We are able to provide budget costs upon request. 

Yes. We will provide a fixed price lump sum offer. 

We do not undertake disconnections.  Requests must be made by the landowner or landowner's agent to the local electricity Distribution Network Operator (DNO). 

We will allocate a dedicated Project Manager and Designer to your project who will attend regular meetings. 

Yes.  We are able to offer services to divert existing assets as an option with our quotation. 

Yes.  We are able to offer Temporary Builders Supplies (TBS) as an option within our quotation. 

Within our group of companies we have the capability to provide electricity, gas, fibre-to-the-premises, water, wastewater and district energy networks on new build developments. Please contact us for details. 

Yes.  New home purchasers are able to retain their existing phone number. 

Our Internet Service Providers (ISP's) have an extensive range of packages to suit all requirements and budgets. 

Yes. Our networks are compatible with SkyQ products. 

Some Sky channels are available over internet, via subscription. 

Our design period is typically 8-10 weeks from receipt of all the relevant information. 

Yes.  Our quotations include for the offsite works required to bring Fibre to the development. 

Typically we are able to bring Fibre to the development in a minimum of 20 weeks. 

Fibre ducts will be supplied 'Free Issue' for installation by the client's contractor from the riser cupboards on every level to each apartment. 

No.  These will be procured and installed by the client.  We will free issue the ducts and chamber lids, and will 'blow' the fibre cabling. 

A communications room is required for the fibre equipment, if no space is available we can install our equipment in a street side cabinet. 

Please see below the common questions our technical experts are asked. If you require more information or cannot find the information you need, please contact us and we will be happy to help.