Power On Connection's Fibre-To-The-Premise Becomes the First Open-Access Network with Five Service Providers

Power On Connections is delighted to announce that from today customers on its ultrafast Fibre-to-the-Premise (FTTP) network will have even more choice as a fifth Independent Service Provider (ISP), Pure Broadband, goes live. Pure Broadband states it will offer homeowners a distinctive range of broadband-only packages, adding to the extensive product options already available from ISPs on the network.

Pure Broadband focuses, as the name suggests, on offering broadband to customers with no requirement for a traditional telephone line. All of their standard packages offer unlimited broadband with bespoke solutions available for customers with specific requirements.

Power On Connections only ever builds open-access networks using 100% fibre all the way in to the home at an ultrafast 300Mbps (one of the UK’s fastest), and is future-ready for 1Gbps.

Homeowners on Power On Connections networks have a wide range of packages and services available to them covering telephone, broadband and TV. Products are available to suit a wide range of budgets and requirements, and with fibre technology, network speeds can easily be increased in the future to meet customer demand.

Joe Tandey, Operations Director at Pure Broadband, said: “Joining Power On Connections network gives us the opportunity to reach more homeowners with our unique broadband offering. We feel that their open-access policy is the way that all networks should operate because of the choice it gives new home buyers.”

Welcoming Pure Broadband to the network, Manj Thind, Power On Connections Commercial Director, explains the importance of the arrival of this latest service provider: “Housebuilders want to ensure their new homeowners have a wide choice of providers so they can decide which service and products will meet their particular/individual needs rather than having this dictated by the network owner. Just as Power On Connections networks have always offered choice of supplier for gas and electricity, we are proud to provide that same freedom to our fibre customers. It is an aspiration that we are fully committed to and that we know holds a strong appeal for new housebuilders and their customers.”